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1. Why is the brand called the good stuff?

the good stuff was founded on the belief that there is a better way to condition your hair. You would not rinse off the moisturizer that cares for your skin, so why treat your hair any different? The name embodies that idea and because our products are full of active ingredients that take good care of your hair.

2. Is the good stuff a replacement for traditional rinse-off conditioners?

the good stuff is meant to be a replacement for your traditional rinse-off conditioner. We started from the idea that you wouldn’t rinse off your face moisturizer, so why would you rinse-off the conditioner that cares for your hair? Being no-rinse, our formulations are potent yet lightweight. All while saving you time in the shower and helping reduce water consumption, which is good for the planet.

3. So does that mean I need to stop using my rinse-off conditioner?

Our no-rinse conditioners are tailored for different hair types and have been designed to replace your rinse-off conditioner. However, we understand that there might be some people that need an additional level of care. If this is the case, use our no-rinse products as a top-up to your traditional conditioner. We encourage you to experiment with our products, because at the end of the day, you know your hair best!

4. Are no-rinse conditioners better than rinse-off conditioners?

Our products are perfectly designed to work on your hair all day. This means no drop is wasted. Some rinse-off conditioners struggle to work all day meaning that that freshly styled look can soon fade. Because our products work all day, they not only help you achieve your style, but also keep your hair protected and moisturized all day long.

5. When do I need to apply my no-rinse conditioner exactly?

the good stuff is applied to damp towel-dried hair (please be gentle with your towel – your hair is most vulnerable when it is wet), after you’ve showered and washed your hair and before you brush and style it. This means you apply it outside the shower and there is no need for additional rinsing. This saves you time while helping the environment by saving precious water!

6. Can I use the good stuff on dry hair as well?

All our no-rinse products can be used on dry hair as well, but they work best on damp towel-dried hair, since the water helps spread the actives evenly along your locks.

Some of our formulations can also be used as a top-up care throughout the day, just make sure you lower the dosage:

  • For those days rainy days that makes your hair act up, just keep nearby our weightless protection mist. Pumping hair with moisture, the lightweight formula teases out tangles and helps strengthen and protect each strand.
  • For when you need some extra manageability and – frizz-control, top-up with our frizz-control oil. Formulated using a blend of lightweight oils, it nourishes and smooths strands while helping to hold back fly-aways.
  • For when you need a volume boost, use our volumizing hydration foam. It locks in moisture while boosting volume for fine and very fine hair.
7. If I leave it in my hair, won't it weigh it down and make it greasy?

Our formulas are specifically designed to stay in your hair. They use lightweight active ingredients that repair and protect your hair without weighing it down. If you feel that your hair is too heavy after using the good stuff , play with the dosage and use a little less the next time.

8. You have so many formats. Why?

We understand that people have different needs depending on the type of hair they have. Each of our no-rinse conditioners has been developed with a specific hair type in mind adjusting the formula, the texture and the way the good stuff is dispensed in order to optimize the end result you are looking for. Naturally, we understand that our products are not right for everyone yet, since hair comes in so many shapes, textures, colors and lengths. We think we have made a great start, but let us know if you have any other ideas for good stuff that should be in our range of products!

9. Can an oil really be a replacement for a traditional conditioner? Won't it leave my hair greasy and weighed down?

Our frizz-control oil can be a replacement for your traditional rinse-off conditioner. We’ve tested it versus a salon brand rinse-off conditioner and it provides superior frizz-control, protection and damage repair. Our frizz-control oil is formulated using a blend of lightweight oils that won’t weigh your hair down. If you’re worried about that greasy feel then we recommend just a couple of pumps to start.

10. How long will my bottle of the good stuff last?

We expect our bottles to give you around 60 uses of goodness. Usage depends on your hair length, but you should expect one bottle of the good stuff to last the same or longer than your traditional rinse-off conditioner bottle.

11. What is "the good stuff" in the good stuff?

Each of our products is designed to be full of active goodness, perfectly tailored for your hair type. Whether that be our plant-based cleansers in our Gentle Shampoo or our moisturizing actives present across the range. Every ingredient has a role to play

12. Why do you use silicone in your products? Isn't silicone bad for your hair?

We use silicones for their unique properties to bring shine, softness and smoothness to your hair. They’re unbeaten versus natural oils (i.e. coconut oil), at delivering conditioning benefits, which is why they are in our range.

Due to their non-irritating and non-allergenic properties, they do good things to your hair with their very mild action. They protect and repair everyday hair damage by keeping hair soft, nourished and manageable. Because they are non-irritating, silicones are used in products for sensitive scalp & skin, including the treatments of eczema, psoriasis, post-surgery and diaper rash.

Some people have pointed out the possible build-up effect of silicone and a negative impact of silicones on scalp or on hair. Experts here disagree; we believe that silicones, when used in well formulated products like the good stuff , do not build up on hair fibres especially when regularly cleansed with our gentle shampoo. There is also no known scientific evidence to show that silicones damage the scalp or hair. Furthermore, silicones are typically ‘breathable’ due to their chemical structure: they allow oxygen, nitrogen and water vapours to pass through them on the way to and from the scalp and hair.

Safety of both, ingredients and formulas, is a cosmetic requirement that we take very seriously. Before introducing a silicone in the good stuff , it undergoes our rigorous safety assessment. We determine the optimal level to make products that are safe and good, with the highest quality. So that you can use them with complete confidence.

13. Is the good stuff paraben free?

Yes. the good stuff range is paraben free.

14. Is the good stuff vegan?

Yes. the good stuff is suitable for vegans and we’re proudly certified independently by Vegan Action.

15. Is the good stuff tested on animals?

No. the good stuff is not tested on animals and we are proud to be certified independently by Vegan Action, that list “no animal testing” as one of their criteria for certification.

16. How are the good stuff products tested?

We worked closely with our consumers to understand their attitudes, lifestyle and stance on beauty to design a product that is optimized for their specific hair needs. We also run testing with our advanced R&D team, who work with beauty experts, salonists and the latest in hair and skin measurement equipment to ensure our products deliver optimal results.

17. Are your products gluten free?

the good stuff does not use any gluten ingredients; however, we cannot guarantee that the production sites of both our products and raw materials do not process gluten or contain traces of gluten.

18. Are your products phthalate-free?

Yes. the good stuff range is phthalate-free.

19. Are the good stuff products safe for colored or chemically treated hair?

Yes. The entire the good stuff range is safe to use on both colored and chemically treated hair.

20. Are the good stuff ingredients sustainably sourced?

At the good stuff , we are committed to creating products that are sustainable by design. We use internationally recognized safety and sustainability assessments to measure the impact of our products on the environment, the focus of the good stuff is to help save water and greenhouse gases through skipping the rinse in your daily shower routine.

21. Does the good stuff have any allergens?

Yes, the good stuff contains some fragrance allergens. the good stuff goes beyond US regulations to voluntarily disclose additional fragrance ingredient information. We list all our fragrance ingredients down to 0.01% of the product in SmartLabel™.

We provide easy access to SmartLabel™ on our website for each of our products. And shoppers can use the free SmartLabel™ App with their mobile device to scan the UPC barcode and instantly open the SmartLabel page.

22. Are the good stuff bottles recyclable?

Our bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and are fully recyclable, ensuring that they can be recycled again and used to make further products, such as more of our bottles.

23. Why aren’t your caps and pumps recyclable?

Some packaging continues to pose a recycling challenge across the beauty industry because recycling capabilities vary greatly by country, state and municipality. In order to get them to be readily recyclable, significant work is required between businesses, governments and recycling organizations. While a few elements of our packaging materials are not recyclable due to these restrictions, we’re actively working with recycling organizations to find solutions.

24. Who owns the good stuff?

the good stuff is a Unilever brand that was created by a small entrepreneurial team who set out to change the way we condition our hair.