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How to give fine, flat hair more volume

Our tops tips for banishing limp hair days forever

Flat hair

Caring for fine, flat hair can be seriously frustrating. Too little product and it looks limp and lifeless, too much and it looks lank and greasy. Then there’s the elements to contend with – summer means oil-slicked roots and winters can leave delicate strands dull and damaged. So, what’s a fine-haired girl to do? From our secret weapon for adding more oomph, to a few simple routine switch-ups that can transform the condition of your hair, we run down the easiest ways to banish limp hair days forever.

Skip the suds

When it comes to fine hair, lathering up less is our number one recommendation. Think about washing your hair like laundering your favorite silk blouse, the more you wash it, the more worn and tired it looks. The truth is shampooing hair strips it of natural oils, so simply put: fewer washes equals healthier hair. Swapping out your regular shampoo for a gentle, sulfate-free alternative is an easy first step but to really reinvigorate lifeless locks, our hair experts recommend washing it 2 – 3 times per week. If you’re worried about greasy roots on in-between days, a good dry shampoo will be your savior.

When it comes to tips for fine hair, lathering up less is our number one recommendation.

Up your towel game

Now that you’ve got the whole showering thing down, it’s time to tackle your drying tools (and techniques). Hair is most vulnerable when wet so vigorously rubbing thin, fragile hair with an old terry cloth is doing it no favors. Opt instead to squeeze it with a soft micro-fiber towel. Simply wrapping your hair in this super absorbent towel for 10 – 15 minutes will avoid roughing the cuticles while diminishing frizz and breakage.

Make friends with a bristle brush

Newsflash: not all hairbrushes are created equal! And when your hair is finer-than-fine, how you brush it makes a big difference to its health. Soft bristles are the way to go - they’re gentler and won't tug on strands or tangles. Invest in a good-quality natural bristle brush or if you really want to treat your tresses, copy the pros and splash out on a boar bristle version.


Swap your rinse out for leave-in conditioner

Volume or moisture? It’s the age-old dilemma for anyone who’s lived their whole life with fine hair. Thankfully our final tip means you don’t have to compromise. Ditching your wash-off conditioner for a lightweight leave-in alternative will give you the best of both worlds.

Allow us to explain. Thin, delicate strands are naturally more prone to damage so crave a nourishing barrier but traditional hair moisturizers can weigh hair down, flattening the little volume our hair naturally has. ‘No rinse’ means our innovative, ultra-light foam conditioner keeps working all day, locking in moisture while boosting volume for 24 hours.

Volume or moisture? Ditching your wash-off conditioner for a lightweight leave-in alternative means you don’t have to compromise.

Time to try the good stuff

Light as a cloud, our no-rinse volumizing hydration foam is specially tailored to give fine and flat hair exactly what it needs. Instantly hydrating and gently nourishing, hair has all its natural movement, without extra weight holding it back. Time at last to say goodbye (and good riddance) to limp hair days and hello voluminous body and shine!

Ready to #RethinkTheRinse? Discover more about our no-rinse volumizing hydration foam conditioner for fine and flat hair here.