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Caring For Your Hair

How to go from dry and dull hair to soft and smooth, fast

Pro tips to revive and repair dry and dull hair

Dull hair

When it comes to our hair, there are a few facts that we all know to be true: strong, shiny hair is good, split ends are bad and dry, dull hair is a total disaster. The tricky thing about dried-out strands is that there’s usually a ton of contributing factors. Sun, sea, chlorine, pollution, chemicals, styling and over-washing all contribute to lackluster locks, not to mention stress, diet and genetics! With so many causes, where do we start? Thankfully help is at hand - we’ve rounded up some practical advice from our hair experts that will help transform your hair from dry and dull to soft and smooth, fast.

Skip a shampoo session, or two

First off, let’s start with the basics. When it comes to choosing a shampoo for dry and dull hair, opt for a gentle sulfate-free shampoo which will be kinder to dehydrated locks. Next, think about how often you use it. Almost all experts agree you shouldn’t shampoo hair more than 2 – 3 times a week. Why? Because too much washing strips your parched strands of the natural oils they badly need. In short, less washes equal healthier hair.

Almost all experts agree you shouldn’t shampoo hair more than 2 – 3 times a week.

Treat yourself to a silk pillowcase

We know this might sound indulgent but investing in a silk pillowcase will help your hair out in a few, surprisingly cool ways. Not only will the silky textures feel amazing against your skin, the extra slip means less pulling and tugging on your hair, giving you fewer tangles to work out in the morning. Silk pillow fans even claim the soft fibers help extend your hairstyle, meaning less need for heat styling and a quicker morning routine!

Eat your way to healthy-looking hair

Just like the invariable breakouts we get when we’re stressed or run down, our frazzled locks can often be a hint to what’s going on in our bodies. A poor diet can really show in our strands so if you want healthy and hydrated hair, you need to work on it from the inside too. Packing your diet with nutritious foods rich in Omega-3 oils and vitamins (hint: salmon, avocado, pumpkin seeds and nuts are great sources) is a good way to start the repair process. The added bonus? These foods can do good things for your skin, eyes and nails too.

Swap rinse-off for leave-in conditioner

Your silk pillowcase is ordered and you’ve loaded up on avocados, now there’s just one last simple change that can help you achieve healthy-looking hair: trading in your rinse-off conditioner for a no-rinse formula.

You see the trick to hydrating thirsty hair is trapping moisture but traditional rinse-off conditioners don’t have long to act and in the end, 95% of the ingredients get washed away, right down the drain.

With the good stuff, we’ve taken a different approach. We figured you wouldn’t wash off your moisturizer, so why rinse-off your conditioner? ‘No rinse’ means our leave-in conditioners have a whole day to work their magic, locking in moisture and protecting strands with a lightweight barrier.

One simple change can help you achieve healthy-looking hair: trading in your rinse-off conditioner for a no-rinse formula.

Time to try the good stuff

Inspired by our skincare regime, we’ve come up with a deeply moisturizing treatment that’s tailored to give dry and dull hair exactly what it needs. Our intensive nourishment cream conditioner is a rich, restorative formula, brimming with active ingredients: coconut oil smoothes cuticles; glycerin works to hydrate strands and lightweight micro-silicones shield hair from damage while adding shine. The result? Soft, smooth, healthy hair… and fast.

Ready to #RethinkTheRinse? Discover more about our no-rinse intensive nourishment cream conditioner for dry and dull hair here