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Caring For Your Hair

How to repair damaged hair

Our top tips for bringing broken, brittle hair back from the brink

Damaged Hair

Let’s be honest, we put our hair through the wringer every day. Unless you’ve been blessed with luscious locks that are totally impervious to washing, coloring, brushing, styling, heat, and humidity, the chances are your hair is as dried out and damaged as the rest of ours. The good news is no matter how sad and straw-like your mane is now, there is hope! Read on to discover the quick fixes and product switch-ups that we promise will transform your hair from lackluster to Rapunzel-like levels of loveliness.

What causes damaged hair?

Three of the biggest culprits when it comes to damaged and dry hair are coloring, styling and over-washing. That said, we know regular root touch ups and visits to the blow bar can be hard habits to crack, so we’ve done our homework to find some other (read: more realistic) ways to give your tresses a much-needed break.

Did you know hair is most vulnerable to damage when it’s wet?

Lather up less

First things first: shampooing. As much as we love the feeling of a freshly washed crop, the truth is washing your hair can strip it of natural oils. Using a gentle sulfate-free shampoo will help but to really show your locks some love, cut down on the amount you wash it. Our hair experts Open in new window recommend 2 -3 times per week.

Step away from the straighteners

Brace yourself, the next one may be tough but anyone who’s heard the sizzle of hair hitting the hot irons will know that straighteners are not the best idea if strands are already feeling dry, brittle and split. And that goes for the blow dryer, curling tongs and hot rollers too! Whenever possible, embrace what nature gave you and let it dry naturally. For the days when going au natural just isn’t an option, prepare and protect the hair with a leave-in conditioner.

Trim, trim, trim

Next up on the hit list are split ends - the scourge of everyone with dry and damaged hair and the main contributors to strands looking scruffy and straggly. The sad reality is that once the damage is done, there’s no going back - the only way to get rid of them is cut them out of your life! A trim every 2-3 months will do wonders for keeping your hair healthy and frizz-free.

Swap rinse-off for leave-in conditioner

Now that you’ve stashed the styling tools and booked that trim, there’s just one more thing to do before your hair can realize it’s gorgeous, glossy potential…swap your traditional rinse-off conditioner for a no-rinse alternative.

You see the problem with the regular wash-off approach is that, with only a couple of minutes to act, the moisturizing agents have a hard time penetrating your strands. And it’s even trickier when hair fibers are split or broken. In the end, 95% of the conditioner gets rinsed away, right down the drain, leaving dried-out, brittle hair still thirsty and in need of repair.

Time to try the good stuff

the good stuff takes a more logical approach. We figured if we make our conditioners no-rinse, your locks can benefit from 100% of the goodness we pack in there. You wouldn’t wash your moisturizer off, so why rinse off your conditioner? And inspired by the oils and creams we use on our face, we’ve come up with a new, more tailored way to care for dry and damaged hair.

The result is our complete repair balm. Designed to get your hair back to its natural strength, this deep-conditioning treatment is brimming with highly-potent ingredients: micro-silicones to repair and strengthen, glycerin to lock in moisture and plant-based detanglers to smooth tangles. Hair becomes softer, shinier and all-together more manageable. Maybe Rapunzel-esque locks isn’t such a fantasy after all…

Ready to #RethinkTheRinse? Discover more about our no-rinse complete repair balm conditioner for damaged hair here.

“My hair has never looked so good! Seriously I’m not just saying this…. I have NEVER USED anything quite like it, and it continuously made my hair look the best it could, being so thin and fine. I am literally lost without it!!”

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