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How to help keep colored hair healthy & bright

Our top tips for maintaining color and shine

Color Hair

Color hair

We’re the first to admit we love a good dye job. Whether it’s a few subtle highlights or a complete transformation, sauntering out of a salon with a glossy new color always feels fantastic. But as anyone familiar with a head full of foils will know, what comes next can be less fun. Color-treated hair requires some serious maintenance, not to mention frequent touch-ups and multiple products to manage the damaging after-effects. The good news is though, with our top tips for maintaining color and shine, it doesn’t have to be hard work! Read on to discover our secrets that will help keep your color bright and beautiful for longer.

Skip on the sulfates

When it comes to caring for dyed hair, keeping your color vibrant is the number one goal. But some harsh shampoos will quickly strip away that freshly colored look. Our sulfate-free shampoo takes a gentler approach. Plant-based cleansers surround dirt, lifting it from the hair’s surface without stripping it. And a quick FYI: sulfates are what cause that familiar foaming action we’re so used to, so while it might not feel the same as your regular shampoo, trust us, it's still working!

Wash your hair less

Colored hair doesn’t come cheap so to make the most of your new style, hairdressers recommend treating your hair like cashmere! Think of it like this: you wouldn’t wash an expensive cashmere sweater every day and expect it to keep its color and silky texture, would you? The same goes for our hair! Fewer washes equals healthier fibers and longer-lasting color. Even if you’ve made the switch to a gentle shampoo, our hair experts recommend cutting down shampoo sessions to 2 or 3 times a week and always washing with lukewarm water.

Colored hair doesn’t come cheap so to make the most of your new style, treat your hair like cashmere!

Turn down the heat

The truth is hot tools can really do a number on your hair. If you’re committed to keeping your tresses in tip-top condition and your color intact, the sad news is you’ll need to break up with your blow dryer (and your flatirons and curling wand!) for good. But if the thought of stashing the straighteners gives you serious separation anxiety, don’t panic, there are ways to minimize their impact.

First, always make sure your hair is completely dry before turning on the irons – otherwise it’s like frying your hair! Next up, it will help to turn down the heat – choosing a cooler setting gives fragile strands a much-needed break. Last but not least, prevent damage by protecting your strands with a leave-in conditioner.

Rethink the rinse

Did you know that rinsing hair is the number one cause of color fade? Every time you wet your hair, water penetrates the hair fiber, dissolving some of the dye and gradually fading color over time. So, swapping your regular wash-out conditioner in favor of a no-rinse formula is one of the simplest ways to help keep your color longer

Plus, our leave-in conditioners can benefit color-treated hair in some other, pretty cool ways. ‘No rinse’ saves you time in the shower and allows your hair to absorb 100% of the goodness, adding shine and radiance all day long.

Did you know that rinsing hair is the number one cause of color fade?

Time to try the good stuff

the good stuff’s color protect milk has been specially tailored to give color-treated hair the strength and protection it needs. The fast-absorbing milk is packed full of active goodness: plant-based smoothers nourish tired strands, lightweight silicones strengthen damaged fibers and glycerin pumps hair with moisture. The result is color that stays bright and sticks around for longer so you can spend less time caring for it and more time showing it off!

Ready to #RethinkTheRinse? Discover more about our no-rinse colour protect milk conditioner for colored hair here