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Caring For Your Hair

How to keep hair healthy and happy (no matter what your hair type)

Our pro tips and tricks to get healthy hair

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Get Healthy Hair

Long, short, curly or straight: no matter what our hair type, there’s one thing we all want – healthy locks. The truth is it doesn’t matter how many hours we spend planning our next hair cut on Pinterest or the cash we splash out in the salon, without strong, healthy strands, we’ll never know our hair’s true glossy potential. Luckily the experts assure us achieving shiny, more manageable hair isn’t actually that complicated, there are just a few simple rules we need to live by. Read on to uncover our pro tips for healthy hair.

Treat your hair like cashmere

Ask most hair stylists and they’ll agree on this number one rule: treat your hair like cashmere. Just like our skin, our hair is delicate so we need to care for it and show it some love. Think about it like an expensive cashmere sweater, you wouldn’t throw it in the washing machine every day before blasting it in the dryer and expect it to stay soft, stroke-able and good-as-new, would you?

The same goes for our hair - how we launder it matters! First things first, swap your regular cleanser for a gentle shampoo, ideally one that’s free from sulfates. Next tip is to lather up less. Frequent shampooing strips our strands of natural oils, so fewer washes equals healthier hair.

Most hair stylists agree on this number one rule: treat your hair like cashmere

Resist the rub

So now that we’re treating our hair like cashmere, it kind of demands some fancier tools. And if that’s the case, an old terry cloth just won’t cut it. Hair is most vulnerable to damage when wet so vigorous towel drying is a sure-fire way to rough cuticles and create frizz. A microfiber towel is a gentler way to dry hair. Soft and super absorbent, simply wrapping your hair in a turban for 10 – 15 minutes will help avoid damaging strands, cut drying time and even minimize styling time!

Swap cotton for silk

This next one may sound frivolous but trust us, a silk or satin pillowcase can help hair out in a few, surprisingly cool ways. Whereas a regular cotton cover can tug on hair during the night (often causing a serious case of bedhead), the silky textures don’t pull or grab, giving you less tangles in the morning. Less grabbing and brushing can even help extend your blowout, meaning less need for heat styling and a quicker morning routine. Sounds like a win-win!

Nourish hair from the inside out

This is a public health announcement: what we eat affects how our hair looks. Just like drinking water helps keep our skin stay clear and dewy, nourishing our strands with nutrient-rich foods will help us achieve (and maintain) the gorgeous, glossy hair we all want. Our hair fibers are made primarily of proteins so packing plenty of beans, nuts, fish and lean meats into our diet is certainly going to help. Omega-3 oils are key too as they help our natural hair oils do their job. Oily fish and flaxseed oil are two excellent sources.

Rethink the rinse

Swapping your regular wash-off conditioner for a leave-in formula is our final secret to achieving healthier hair. The problem with the traditional wash-off formula is that, with only a couple of minutes to act, some moisturizing agents have a hard time penetrating your strands. In the end, 95% of the conditioner gets rinsed away, right down the drain.

the good stuff takes a different approach. Inspired by the oils and creams we use on our face, we’ve come up with a new, more tailored way to care for all hair types. We figured if we make our conditioners no-rinse, your locks can benefit from 100% of the goodness we pack in there. You wouldn’t wash your moisturizer off, so why rinse off your conditioner?

'Swapping your regular wash-off conditioner for a leave-in formula is our final secret to achieving healthier hair.'

Time to try the good stuff

the good stuff’s no-rinse weightless protection mist conditioner is specially formulated to give all hair types and textures the care they need. Pumping hair with moisture, the lightweight formula teases out tangles and helps strengthen and protect each strand. So you see, with a little imagination (remember your hair = cashmere sweater!) and a few simple changes to your routine, you can get the most lustrous locks of your life.

Ready to #RethinkTheRinse? Discover more about our no-rinse weightless protection mist conditioner for all hair types here.